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We provide customized solutions in the area of financial planning, investments, wealth management and credit solutions to high performing professionals, salaried executives, hardworking entrepreneurs, households, family trusts and other trusts.

Financial Planning

Financial planning as a service is highly popular in US and other developed countries but this concept is relatively new in India. This is recommended for all the individuals and households which have some income. Financial planning is basically a comprehensive statement of an individual or households’ long-term objectives for financial security and wellbeing and detailed saving and investing strategy for achieving those objectives.

Detailed financial planning involves 6 basic steps which include

  1. Establish the relationship and defining basic terms and conditions of relationship
  2. Gather data about net worth, income /expenses, long term and short-term goals
  3. Analysing the data
  4. Develop plan and strategy
  5. Implement the plan
  6. Monitor the plan

Our well-trained team of Financial Planners engage effectively with key persons of the family and help them to create a very effective plan and strategy which can withstand all the ups and downs of the life and provide adequate safety and peace of mind.

Service recommended for.

  • Salaried/retired individuals of all ages. Earlier the better.
  • Self employed businesspersons of all ages.
  • Family Trusts / HUF have some source of income.

Wealth Management

This service is applicable to all the earning individuals especially HNIs (high net worth individuals), family trusts, HUF, NGO trusts etc who have reasonable investible wealth ( Rs 5 lacs and above).

We have a team of highly experienced and trained wealth managers who help clients to grow their wealth at a rate far higher than the traditional banking / investment products. Our wealth managers guide the clients to invest in highly researched equity, commodity, debt and money market instruments which are effectively hedged with contra positions in derivatives to withstand the market volatility.

Service recommended for

  1. All high income salaried / self-employed individuals who have reasonable investible funds.
  2. All high income family trusts / HUF who have reasonable investible funds.
  3. All small medium sized business houses / trusts who have cash in their books.

Investment Advisory

This service is applicable to all the individuals who have just started earning or have very little investing experience. This is also relevant for retired individuals who have less tolerance for market fluctuations. Clients availing this service are guided by highly trained team of investment advisors who help the clients to first understand the world of investments and then start investing in a systematic manner keeping safety of capital at forefront. The instruments recommended through this service are generally mutual funds (debt and equity), index funds and low beta large cap stocks.

Service recommended for

  1. Individuals (salaried / self-employed) who have just started their earning career.
  2. Retired individuals / housewives who have low tolerance for risk and volatility.
  3. Any other earning person whose is highly risk aversive.

Credit Solutions

This service is applicable to all the salaried as well as self-employed individuals, small business houses who need funds for personal use, business use, cars/vehicles, property or any other genuine need. Our firm have tie up with most of the leading banks and financial institutions and our team of trained credit professionals make the whole process very easy and simple for the clients.

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